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Make Life Work

In a Fast-Paced World | Turning Failure into Success Today millions expect instant, microwave-like results out of life. As a result, too many people are in a hurry to get what they want without playing by the rules. Some have ended their life prematurely when things don’t turn out as neatly as they planned, while others languish in prison because they were either ignorant of the guidelines for success or chose to ignore them.

Pastor Beckford has captured the heart and minds of numerous church members, business associates, and clients with his wise guidance. The insights he offers within these pages will help you succeed without resorting to cutting corners, disregarding principles, or climbing over people on the way to the top. This book will stimulate your thinking and inspire you to start down this road.

Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World will help you to plan ahead so you don't become a victim of emergencies. Pastor Beckford has poured out his soul and life into these pages, sharing what took him years to learn. It is my heart-felt prayer that God will use this book to inspire and challenge you to find the successes He has planned for your life.

In Chapter 11, there are several compelling stories of people that have used the principles of Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World that radically changed their life. Click here to read one of those stories!




Errol Beckford is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Tabernacle Church in Cocoa, Florida. He is the founder of the church's marketplace ministry outreach to to bring economic growth and social restoration to the local community; CEO of Celebration Tabernacle, Inc.; and CEO of Alternative Behavior Services, Inc., a social services outpatient organization providing substance abuse and life restoration services.

Pastor Errol's work has transformed the local community, greatly influencing the lives of so many low-income families. His passion is to help people enjoy life in its abundance. He believes that the success of a life is determined by where you end and not where you start. The most rewarding part of Pastor Errol's job is motivating people to improve the quality of their life by discovering for themselves how to make life work in today's fast-paced world. An advocate for empowering people to take control of their lives, he is dedicated to sharing his twenty years of life development skills and concepts to help make positive changes.

Kim Beckford has over 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. She has been called to work alongside her husband and has dedicated her life to the vision of Celebration Tabernacle Church and its supporting ministries.

Errol J. Beckford, featured in Florida Today article: "Pastor Champions Courage, Charater for Success!"

INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR Hear from the author himself about "Make Life Work!"


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Take a Quick Peak into

each of the elements of success contained in the chapters of Make Life Work

Chapter One.

Nothing works in life
without Gods help

Chapter Two.

God only blesses
the hands of the diligent

Chapter Three.

Success is short lived if you can't play by the rules

Chapter Four.

There is hope
in failure

Chapter Five.

Choices made today determine success enjoyed tomorrow

Chapter Six.

Without vision people perish vision leads into the future

Chapter Seven.

Life is full of challenges
Never stop…never give up

Chapter Eight .

Change the way you think… Change the way you live

Chapter Nine.

You were born
to create

Chapter Ten.

Want to go far in life? Surround yourself with quality people

Chapter Eleven.

True Stories of Turning Failure into Success